VE Day

To mark the 75th Anniversary of VE day yesterday I decided to head out on a nice walk to Ulverston’s most prominent viewpoint Hoad Hill. Usually I head in the opposite direction, but I thought this would make a nice change and would make the day more memorable. I decided to head out in the morning while the weather was overcast, expecting it to get busier later on in the sunshine. My choice paid off, while there were a few dog walkers out I had far more sheep for company than people!

It was really nice to have a different view of Ulverston than I’ve seen for the last couple of months. Everything seemed remarkably green and summery, since the last time I’d been out this way would have been before the leaves were on the trees.

On my way to the Hoad I enjoyed spotting bunting and rainbows in people’s windows. There were some excellent efforts to be seen! Back at home I put a bit of my own bunting up and baked some celebratory cakes. While we might have been denied certain freedoms that we’re used to in the last few weeks, I found that today was an excellent opportunity to reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for.

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