Creatures Collective

Today I’m looking back at some of my photographs of the of the wonderful Creatures Collective. My sister Katie is a creative costume maker who has always followed her instincts to invent some unique and exciting creations. When thinking about how to describe the costumes to somebody, one can find that the only way to summarise them is to describe them as ‘creatures’. The creatures have a bit of a life of their own and are often to be found in the most unexpected places. First up here is the Snoctopus, whose sleeping bag like tendrils enable it to enjoy the coldest of environments.

This next curious group, known as the Purfles, were spotted here making a guest appearance at Make My Day festival in Morecambe, with a brief excursion onto the prom to the surprise of many!

There are many other curious creatures including these two mysteries. I can take a small amount of credit for helping to crochet some of the pom poms, though the rest of the artistic work was all of Katie’s doing.

To finish off with today here are some photographs of the much loved Jellyfish, who have been spotted at various events including Make My Day, Blackburn Festival of Light and Light up Lancaster. They are another quirky trio who love to dance and shimmer along, entertaining audiences as they go.

Have a good week everybody!

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