In Search of Ducks and Small Things

On such a lovely afternoon it seemed a shame to not get out for a walk. I decided to take my camera, and go in pursuit of two things: ducks and macro-photography opportunities! I’ve had some nice feedback about my ‘Derwent Water Duck’ photo which I shared recently on facebook, so wondered if I might find another feathered friend to photograph. My husband and I parked up for a walk beside Coniston water. We picked a spot that we thought might have fewer people. In fact we saw plenty of people, but it was 2 and a half kilometers before we came in sight of a duck! I was beginning to give up hope of seeing any at all when we heard her quacking!

This little lady was quite shy, so I couldn’t get as close as I wanted without her swimming on to a new spot, but she certainly has some glorious scenery to swim about in. I must say I hadn’t noticed the cloud of flies following her around until I looked back at the photographs later, how delightful for her!

We decided not to go any further as there was evidence of further ducks anywhere near us, so I decided to use the return journey to try out my macro lens in the wild!

I do enjoy looking for interesting things out and about in nature, and I’ve already been surprised by some of the details I have been able to capture with my new lens. Everything looks different when you can zoom right in! I love these tiny little tendrils growing out of the moss on a tree trunk, there must be thousands of them across the lake district but I can’t say I’ve paid them much attention until today. I’m looking forward to exploring this area of photography more and seeing what other tiny surprises I can find.

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