Winter Wonderland

As we find ourselves well into the swing of another lockdown it can feel like there’s little to look forward to, and little out of the ordinary to discuss. ‘What are you doing this weekend’ seems hardly worth asking! However for the people of Ulverston, a snowy surprise lay in store to cheer up everyone’s spirits.

I set out on Saturday morning with my hiking boots and camera in order to get my fill of the snow. After initially planning to walk to Birkrigg Common, I made a swift detour when I got enough of a view to see that Hoad Hill looked much snowier. As I set out along the roads to cross town I was amazed at how many cars seems to be struggling with the conditions, and saw two police vans stopping traffic proceeding. One of these locations wasn’t somewhere I’d normally consider to be a hill, but evidently it was enough that some cars couldn’t make it up!

Having negotiated the roads, I soon arrived at much more inviting terrain. Snow covered paths and fields were what I’d really been in search of. The views were lovely as I started climbing above the town. All of a sudden another fresh burst of snow arrived, and for me this was the icing on the cake.

My path carried on round to the back of Hoad Hill and eventually to the summit. By the time I got here it appeared that a large number of people from the town had also had the same plan! There were lots of families out sledging, and people walking their dogs, and the scene was reminiscent of a Christmas Card. It was so lovely to see people smiling and laughing and it felt like just what was needed in the lockdown monotony.

The views from the top were of course magnificent, with banks of fog in the distance and even some snow out on the sands. Certainly a walk to remember for me, and I suspect a day to remember for many others too!

Finally one more picture from Sunday, as I decided to head out again while the snow was still around. This time I veered in the direction of Kirkby Moor where there were lots of beautiful snow covered lanes to enjoy. Only quad bikes, 4×4 vehicles and pedestrians were tackling these lanes. It was nice to head away from the busier areas I walked in yesterday and enjoy having the snow a bit more to myself. This last photo was only taken on my phone since I had decided to travel light on Sunday, but the view was just too lovely for me to not share it.

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