Duxbury Designs Strikes Again!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post, but even longer since a new Duxbury Designs creation has ventured into my path for photographing. Having met up for a bit of exercise in the Lake District, Katie (of Duxbury Designs) and I didn’t know if we’d have the ideal opportunity for photographing this new costume or not. However when we found ourselves on the shores of Coniston water with an unusually deserted beach, the creature decided it was brave enough to venture out!

The costume is made from hundreds of green plastic strips from self seal envelopes which have been rescued by Katie to find a second life. It’s not the first time Katie has repurposed items that were otherwise on their way to the bin. Former creations have been made from bottle tops, tents and sails that have surpassed their usual lifespan.

We’ve enjoyed hunting down all sorts of unusual locations to photograph the costumes over the years, but more often than not they find themselves out in the wild. Whilst I enjoy taking photographs indoors for various reasons, I often find outdoor spaces can be a lot more inspiring and can create really interesting backgrounds.

Just for fun I dug out the fish-eye attachment for my lens. It’s not a super high quality piece of kit so the edges of the photos are rather blurry and distorted, but I rather like the impression that this gives to these photos (although I find my eyes start to feel funny if I look at too many pictures like this for too long!).

After all that excitement the sleepy creature evidently decided it was time for a snooze, and so here it is washed up on the shore, rather like the unfortunate amount of plastic waste that can be found littering unlikely places after floating around in the world’s waterways. Since the idea of the costume was to turn something that is otherwise rubbish into something magnificent, we were very careful ourselves not to leave any snagged green tendrils behind on the beach!

It’s been wonderful to have the chance to explore a bit more in recent weeks as the lockdown eases, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I have more photography projects to report back on! Toodle pip for now!

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