Ulverston Dickensian Festival

Well it’s been a little while since I’ve posted an update on here, so I thought I’d write about my adventures at the Dickensian Festival in Ulverston last week. I’ve loved attending the event ever since moving to Ulverston, and so I was really looking forward to having a stall of my own this time around. Things got off to a shaky start following the horrible winds overnight, and while the winds were dropping, we couldn’t set up until reinforcements had been brought in to hold the stalls steady. We soon got underway, though I had to be a bit creative with presenting the stall so that the cards and photos wouldn’t blow over! Lucky I had thought ahead to bring pegs and tins of beans (which we cunningly disguised later on-see if you can spot one!) to weigh down the lighter products.

I couldn’t possibly attend without a costume, so I made myself a festive dress from a holly print fabric and an apron to look the part. Thankfully it was large enough to conceal several layers and a winter coat inside! It was nice to chat to some people I knew, as well as some people I didn’t know who stopped by my stall (including a giant gingerbread man), and really good to meet some of the other stall holders too.

For me the Dickensian marks the start of the Christmas season because it’s when the lights are switched on in town, so the icing on the cake was the sprinkling of snow which arrived on the Sunday morning which just completed the festive atmosphere! My photos were from early on in the morning but it did get much busier later on!

Thanks to everybody who supported me in this venture, hopefully I’ll be able to do it again sometime!

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